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Would you like to become an escort at profile escorts? Profile will always welcome applications. We look for males and females whom hold intelligent yet exciting characteristics about them and at the same time being attractive.

As an escort agency we aim to offer variety of choice for our clients when they look to select an escort from us so, we therefore accept a variety of different backgrounds from applicants. We offer flexible hours to our escorts which differs profile escorts from other escort agencies and allows you to work when it is convenient and suitable for you with the option to sign off when you feel like. We are proud to run this agency in such a way as it is fair and allows you the chance to earn as much or as little as you need to.


1. Applicants should have good people and listening skills, with confidence and communication skills.

2. We only recruit and keep escorts that are reliable and punctual. This is a vital part of the employment as we have a strong loyal client base which we aim to continuously provide with professional service.

3. Profile requires applicants have evidence of your right to work in the UK/EU. If you are from outside of the EU then we kindly ask that you provide us with evidence of your visa which would allow you to work in the UK/EU.

4. We prefer applicants that can provide flexible hours of availability.

The application process is as follows...

An application from you containing your personal details which will always be kept strictly confidential and removed appropriately if employment finishes or employment does not begin due to change of circumstance. We also ask for a
picture of you with your face visible

If you are accepted upon sending this information, the next stage would be a personal meeting you and a member of the team. We do this so you and Profile can see if you are suited for the position within Profile Escorts and if we are suitable for you also. The opportunity allows you the chance to ask any questions that you may have. It is normal for us to bring along one of our escorts to the interview so you can ask questions to them as well.

Our team is exactly that and there will always be support for you within Profile Escorts if you believe you are suited for us then please take the time to fill out the application form and we will always respond.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: For national insurance purposes and also income tax, all escorts that work with us are to be self-employed so the escort is required and responsible to pay their own tax affairs and Profile escorts is not involved in this in any way and Profile escorts will always operate with HMRC regulations.

Application Form

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